Story 1974-06-23 Garage (Le), Spray Beach, NJ

That's Bruce Springsteen! - No it isn't

I had heard about the E Street Band through Ed Sciaky who would make quiet announcements on WMMR about where Springsteen might play. My recollection is that I heard the announcement called a friend and we headed out to try and catch the show - it was a fly by night adventure as we didn't know exactly where the club was- and it being a 2 hour drive from Philly PA. So, we eventually arrived, you could hear a band playing but the front doors were locked -

We cursed our luck in the parking lot next to the club, when right around the corner came Bruce and his band! It was hard to see as the light was on us and the band was in silhouette.

I whispered to Sue, my friend, "That's Bruce Springsteen!" "No it isn't." she said.

She turned to look. I said " Don't Look." Being a dutiful friend she complied, I guess I thought if we stayed quiet they wouldn't see us- Who knows?

Anyway they walked stumbling in the gravel heading around the corner to the front door.

We lamented loudly our bad/good luck then headed back to PA with hot dogs fries on the way.

The first of many adventures in trying to catch Springsteen and the band's concerts- they were elusive at that time, prior notice was usually minimal.

I and my two fellow Springsteen freaks had a lot of fun trying to catch/watch the early shows - driving and not knowing if you would get in or not was part of the vagabond aspect that his shows the time.

I can still remember every detail of the band coming around that corner, he was doing such interesting things with his music and stage work back then (and now!).

By Barbara
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