1964-10-18 Springsteen Residence, Freehold, NJ

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Springsteen watches The Animals' debut appearance on national U.S.A. television on The Ed Sullivan Show. The group plays its breakthrough hit "House Of The Rising Sun". Although Bruce and he won't meet one another for another four years, also watching The Animals' TV performance this night (particularly the stunning organ work of Alan Price) is fourteen-year-old Danny Federici, who had recently joined his first rock band, The Legends, on accordion. Federici will later switch to the organ when he joins The Story Tellers in 1966, eventually hooking up with Springsteen in early 1969.

Danny Federici on the accordion, performing with his first group ‘The Legends’ during an August 1964 ‘Band Battle Contest’ at St. John Terrell’s Music Circus in Lambertville, NJ.

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