1970-05-02 Kenan Memorial Stadium, Chapel Hill, NC

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Cancelled Steel Mill performance. This was a three-day, multi-artist outdoor music festival held in the school's 40,000 seat Kenan Memorial Stadium, running from 1-3 May. Many attendees camped around or in the vicinity of the venue, creating a 'mini-Woodstock' atmosphere. The major headliners for the event were Joe Cocker and James Taylor. Although Steel Mill were not booked to play, the guys hatched a brazen plan whereby they would sneak their equipment van (and themselves) into the venue, pretend they were one of the scheduled acts, set up their equipment and just start playing to the crowd! Hilariously they managed to beat security, get in and start setting up their sound system several hours before James Taylor's afternoon appearance, only to be thwarted at the very last minute when they were just about to start playing. They were then thrown out. The additional information on the dates of the concert is provided by the Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library.

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