1973-02-24 San Diego Civic Theatre, San Diego, CA

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Cancelled concert, never rescheduled. San Diego was supposed to be the start of a pre-planned, two-week series of west coast gigs featuring the then-unknown Springsteen opening for mid-'60s electric blues legend Paul Butterfield’s new outfit Paul Butterfield's Better Days. Bruce and the band flew out to Los Angeles only to be informed upon arrival that nearly all of the scheduled dates with Butterfield were in the process of being cancelled due to very poor advanced ticket sales. Bruce’s road crew, on the other hand, did not fly out with the band, they drove out to the west coast with all the band’s sound equipment. Greetings Tour sound manager Albee Tellone has commented that the road crew drove directly to San Diego only to learn upon arrival that the gig had been axed. The road crew then drove to LA to meet up with the band. With the Paul Butterfield Tour in tatters, only one show with Butterfield ended up being played (see February 28 listing). Bruce’s agent scurried around and was able to slot him onto the billing of a couple of Blood, Sweat and Tears shows.

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