1973-04-29 Rec Hall, University Park, PA

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time Cancelled / End Time Cancelled

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Cancelled Springsteen performance, although this concert by headliner Frank Zappa & The Mothers took place, as scheduled. There's a complicated background story to this cancellation by Bruce. This show was originally supposed to feature Zappa & The Mothers headlining and one of CBS’s hot acts, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, opening. However the Mahavishnu Orchestra (who at the time were taking part in a mini-tour leg opening Zappa’s gigs) had to pull out of this show to play the Columbia Records 'Week To Remember' concert series in Los Angeles (Mahavishnu actually headlined in L.A. on April 29). When Mahavishnu withdrew it appears that Springsteen was initially substituted to open for Zappa. However Springsteen was then, soon after, also put on the itinerary for the 'Week To Remember' series in L.A. (Bruce played as an undercard at the May 1 show). Consequently manager Mike Appel (who notes a Penn State gig in his tour manifest) pulled Bruce out of this gig as well. Zappa & The Mothers ended up playing with no other artist on the bill. All of the above changes took place before any ads for the show were placed or tickets sold, so the public were not aware or expecting any opening act for Zappa at Penn State. As it turned out the Mahavishnu Orchestra was back opening for Zappa at his next show (May 1 at Kent State) and for the remaining block of shows on this sub-leg of Zappa's tour.

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