1974-02-15 Student Union Auditorium, Toledo, OH

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Scheduled: 20:00 Local Start Time Cancelled / End Time Cancelled

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Cancelled concert, never rescheduled. This event had been planned to be one show held in the 500-seat Student Union Auditorium, with Springsteen and band the sole act on the bill. The bad news came via a phone call from Mike Appel to the head of the Student Union Concert Board on the early evening of February 14. Appel stated that there had been a sudden, unforeseen departure of Bruce's drummer (Lopez) and that, while a new drummer (Ernest Carter) had already been chosen, rehearsals would be needed before any gigs could be played. The Student Union Board did ask that Springsteen (who was still back east) travel to Ohio and give a solo performance instead, but the request was denied. In a bizarre twist, only a few hours following Appel's phone call a robbery took place in which all the cash takings and unsold tickets for the Springsteen show were specifically targeted and stolen. The cancellation and robbery were not related. The announcement of both the cancellation and the robbery were made on the morning of February 15 in the school's newspaper.

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