1974-07-19 Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, MO

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Cancelled Springsteen performance, although the event took place as planned. This three-day, 19-act 'Woodstock-style' Ozark Music Festival held at the Missouri State Fairgrounds ended up attracting over 350,000, one of the largest music concert crowds in history. Springsteen was billed very low in the pecking order and was scheduled to play early on the opening day. The reason Springsteen didn't play is the subject of some dispute, with some claims having Bruce's tour bus breaking down en route to Missouri, resulting in them showing up late and being told by the promoter that they couldn't be re-slotted into the schedule. However others claim there was no tour bus incident and Bruce was never anywhere near Missouri, rather, Mike Appel withdrew Springsteen's services from Ozark after the west coast tour leg that began on July 25 was stitched together.

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