1982-10-00 Clover Studios, Los Angeles, CA

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Springsteen drops in to visit Chuck Plotkin and Toby Scott, who are the respective Producer and Recording Engineer for Bette Midler's work-in-progress album No Frills. Springsteen donates his (at the time) unreleased and never-performed song "Pink Cadillac" to the Midler project. It is unclear if a pre-recorded demo was submitted or if Bruce spent some time teaching on-hand session musicians the song. The actual Midler recording of the song took place a couple of weeks later, but Springsteen wasn't involved in that formal session. Midler gave the public world debut of "Pink Cadillac" on December 8 in Portland, Oregon. The song was performed as the show opener during Midler's entire December 1982 – September 1983 Tour. However, the Midler live version (which apparently mirrors her studio version) is a major adaptation, with Bruce's middle lyric verse removed and additional lyrics of a song by John David Martin called "Cadillac Walk" sequenced into the end of Bruce's song. Although Midler was allowed to perform the song in that arrangement throughout the tour, Springsteen, after hearing the Midler studio version, would not allow her to release it on her July 1983 No Frills album. "Pink Cadillac-Cadillac Walk" was pulled from the album and replaced by a Midler cover of the Rolling Stones' "Beast Of Burden". The attached video is one of her live performances of the song, not the actual studio-recording.

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