A Love So Fine

A LOVE SO FINE - V3 3:47 uncirculating
ACTION IN THE STREETS - V4 3:47 uncirculating

Note: It really doesn't matter what we call this song, it is Bruce Springsteen's Junior Walker soul groove, composed in the summer of 1974, and it permeated the live show for years under a variety of titles and choruses. At the same time, "Shotgun", Jr. Walker and the Allstars' biggest hit from 1966, was interpolated into "Rosalita" for some additional soul. V1 in surprising quality was released on 1998's Tracks as "So Young and In Love", with confusing notes dating it to 1/6/74. European listeners knew that meant June 1, 1974, but Tracks has a lot of bad dates. The Record Plant is listed as the recording venue, which is dead wrong, it was 914 Sound Studios, Blauvelt, NY, the only studio engineer Louis Lahav worked at for Bruce.Other reports that say "So Young And In Love" was recorded in late May 1974 are not possible, the band was working on "Born to Run" during this time period, and was in and out of the studio doing live gigs, but the biggest indicator is the drummer and keyboard player; if they are Weinberg and Bittan, the date must be after they joined the band in August 1974. Therefore, the cut on Tracks appears to be recorded on October 16, 1974, even though neither 'So Young and In Love V1' or 'A Love So Fine V2' is on the logs. There was a session on that day which produced a two-inch master reel that has ‘A Love So Fine’ and ‘Born To Run’ paired, suggesting this might be the master for an aborted ‘Born To Run’ single, which was rejected by Columbia. To add fuel to this speculative fire, an instrumental backing track of ‘A Love So Fine’ has been in circulation since the late seventies, and it is the same backing track as ‘So Young And In Love’ on Tracks. No studio vocal of ‘A Love So Fine’ version circulates. Thanks to author Clinton Heylin for trying to make sense of this incoherent mess. We will continue to work on it.

When the new E Street Band took the stage on September 19, 1974 for a special rehearsal at the Main Point, featuring their new drummer and keyboard player, Bruce was using the chorus "A Night Like This", the title of another song he was working on, confirmed by a local newspaper review. This incarnation lasted another show (September 22), but by October 4 at Avery Fisher Hall in New York, the title and chorus was now "A Love So Fine", which he would stick with through the Born to Run tour. On October 16, 1974 at 914 Sound Studios, a take of 'So Young And In Love' V1 was recorded for the BTR single, but the one that leaked to bootleggers was the backing track V2, which can be found on many "Born to Run" period bootlegs. Bruce performed the song live almost nightly through August 1975, after which it was dropped from the set. Later, it was reborn at the end of the 1977 Lawsuit Tour as "Action In the Streets" V4, with only lyrical changes. After emerging from the studio in May 1978, the band had a new Junior Walker riff called "Paradise By The C" V5, staring Clarence Clemmons, an instrumental which opened the second set at 57 Darkness tour shows. It was officially (and suprisingly) released on Ties That Bind, The River: Outtakes in 2015, but there is no sign of "Paradise By The C" on the 1977-81 studio logs. The lack of recording information in the box leads one to conclude there is none. One theory is that a rehearsal or soundcheck take from the 1978 tour was included on TTTB Outtakes because the Big Man had passed away in 2011 RIP.

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