A Love So Fine


Note: Much confusion surrounds the exact recording date of this song. The Tracks notes claim that it was recorded 1/6/74 (January 6, 1974) - this is clearly incorrect, since Bruce was on the road, embarking on a three-night stand at Joe's Place that day. The Record Plant is listed as the recording venue, but this is also impossible, because Engineer Louis Lahav left the country at the end of February 1975, before Record Plant sessions began. Much more likely is Louis wrote the date in his native European format, therefore the recording date was June 1, 1974. That week, Springsteen was at 914 Sound Studios, working on "Born To Run". Other reports say "So Young And In Love" was recorded in late May 1974, which does not conflict with early June. By September 1974, Bruce had tinkered with the lyrics, reinventing the song as "A Love So Fine". A version was recorded at 914 Sound Studios on October 16, 1974. It is unclear if the long-circulating backing track found on War And Roses and Born In The Studio emanates from this October 16 session or whether it's from the 1975 sessions at The Record Plant, but 1974 seems most likely. Although it may have been played live sooner, the earliest circulating confirmed and recorded performance of "A Love So Fine" is from September 22, 1974. This particular version is especially interesting since the chorus is sung "A Night Like This", however by the time the next gig came around at Avery Fisher Hall on October 4 the chorus had changed to the familiar "A Love So Fine". Going by a newspaper review, it's likely that the "A Love So Fine / A Night Like This" hybrid was also performed at The Main Point on September 19. Bruce then performed the song live (as "A Love So Fine") on a semi-regular basis through August 1975, after which it was dropped from the set. It was reborn on the Lawsuit Tour as "Action In the Streets"; in interviews Springsteen has related this song to the Darkness sessions, which may be true, because he started playing it again in February 1977, under it's new name and arrangement. When the Darkness tour began, the second set was opened every night by "Paradise By The C", it's next incarnation. This song bears no relationship to The Chiffons early '60s hit except the use of a common title.

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