A Night Like This

A NIGHT LIKE THIS uncirculating

Note: Recorded at 914 Sound Studios on October 16, 1974. There is only one live performances known, which happens to exists as an audio recording: the acoustic opener in Toledo on June 2, 1974, with Bruce introducing it as a “new song” but not mentioning the title. Known among collectors by the titles “Angel Baby” or “Dance On Little Angel”. Core elements of the lyrics (though not the melody) of this song were later incorporated into “Lonely Night In The Park”, a track recorded May 1975 at The Record Plant. "A Night Like This" was a song written at a time when he still wanted the whole record to feel "like it could all be taking place in the course of one evening, at all these different locations". The setting of the song, was a topless bar at the Coral Inn, from where the stripper and her lover run "off in the night, You catch up with her, you take her hand, You lay your jacket down on the sand, And she tries to make it alright". The sleazier aspects of boardwalk life – a constant source of fascination for our onetime altar boy – are never far away. ‘The fags come in to drink and dance ’ at the Shady Bell, while the ‘lost boys hide beneath the pier, getting hard, drinking beer ’. Finally, the song pans back to reveal this is the night to end all nights: "Because night after endless night, up and down the boardwalk we search for romance/ But on a night like this, with one last kiss, we die".

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