American Skin (41 Shots)

AMERICAN SKIN (41 SHOTS) - V1 5:13 SA / 2001 promo
AMERICAN SKIN (41 SHOTS) - V2 uncirculating
AMERICAN SKIN (41 SHOTS) - V3 uncirculating

Note: Written by Springsteen during the spring of 2000 and premiered live on June 4, 2000 at a show with the E Street Band in Atlanta. It appears that this recording utilises the backing music (with a slightly altered mix) from the live version recorded on July 1, 2000 at Madison Square Garden and officially released on Live In New York City. Springsteen recorded V1 a new vocal at The Hit Factory, New York City on March 2, 2001. Produced by Springsteen and Chuck Plotkin. Released on a promotion-only single in June 2001. Studio vocals were laid over a different mix of the released live version's instrumental tracks. Producer Ron Aniello revealed in a December 2013 interview with Rolling Stone's Andy Greene that American Skin (41 Shots) V2 was cut during the Wrecking Ball-recording sessions, but ultimately was not used. "We did try a track of that", he said, "but it wasn't really an outtake". V3 was recorded in studio again in 2013 and featured Tom Morello on guitar. "His presence made a big, big difference", Springsteen said. "He obviously brings those things to great life and deepens them and deepens the characters". Prior to the March 2013 Australian leg of the Wrecking Ball Tour, Tom Morello was sent the song to play guitar on V4. "I did that in my home studio and Bruce seemed to like that very much", He told Andy Greene in a January 2014 interview for Rolling Stone. "That song to me was the most challenging one. It was also the first one I did. Normally I'll go in there and tinker with a song a bit and try to capture inspiration and see if the world likes it or not. But that song just didn't come together for me. I went back to it a couple of times, and I'm glad that I did because at the end of the day I was really pleased with how the guitar solo and the rhythm stuff came out. But that one felt like it was work. I had to really work on that one".

  1. March 2, 2001.
  2. Wrecking Ball recording session
  3. 2013 and featured Tom Morello on guitar.
  4. Prior to the March 2013 Australian leg of the Wrecking Ball Tour, Tom Morello was sent the song to play guitar on.
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