Baby Doll

BABY DOLL - V1 uncirculating
BABY DOLL - V2 5:00 BTF / EY

Note: written in September - October 1971, a moving story about a blind girl who “dances to a silent band“. According to Bruce and Mike Appel, it was performed by Bruce (on piano) to Mike at their first-ever meeting at Mike's employer, Pocketful of Tunes, 39 West 55th Street, New York, NY, on November 4, 1971 (not recorded). V2 is on acoustic guitar, recorded at Jim Cretecos’ apartment in New York City in April 1972. Differing accounts report it was recorded at the offices of Laurel Canyon Music, 75 East 55th Street, Suite 706, New York, NY, in mid May-June 1972.

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