Be True

TO BE TRUE - V1a 3:29 DBTR
TO BE TRUE - V1b 3:43 LM-6 / PYP
BE TRUE - V1c 3:56 DROC1
BE TRUE - V1d - take 28 4:06 DROC1 / RRR
BE TRUE - V1e 4:01 DROC1
BE TRUE - V1f - take 2 3:55 TTTBJ / RIVER: SINGLE / ATMF / LES / LEK
BE TRUE - V1g 3:46 1981 Single / TRP / BACK

Note: Evolved from "Mary Lou" and "Little White Lies". The only takes for this track all occurred on July 18, 1979 at The Power Station, and a mixing or overdub session took place on April 22, 1980. V1a runs fast and minimal vocal effects. V1b double tracked vocal second verse, bridge, break, no sax except tail, V1c same as 1b, piano mixed up, longer V1d longest take, single track vocal bridge break, V1e Double tracked vocals, background Vocals And Different Sax Solo), V1f take Ties That Bind and River Single Album version, included on an April 1980 shortlist for the double-album. V1g 1981 b-side/ A-side was FADE AWAY. V1h is Tracks version.

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