Between Heaven And Earth


Note: This song and its sound recording were first registered with the US Copyright Office in spring 1995. A recording of "Between Heaven And Earth" can be heard by visitors to the Library of Congress's U.S. Copyright Office in Washington D.C. Backstreets contributor Shawn Poole reported that "Between Heaven And Earth" "is a ballad that features a hip-hop-style drum track and synthesizer wash a la 1994's "Streets of Philadelphia", with some electric guitar added to the recording's fade-out. The lyrics are focused on the difficulties of maintaining a marriage and family life, with imagery that includes children and a home's kitchen. The recording also features some nice double-tracked backing vocals from Bruce, using the falsetto voice he was developing at that time." It is likely that "Between Heaven And Earth" was recorded in the spring of 1994 in Los Angeles, along with other tracks like "Missing" and "Blind Spot" for an album project that was never released.

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