Blind Spot

BLIND SPOT - V1 2:08 private cdr
BLIND SPOT - V2 1:51 private cdr
BLIND SPOT - V3 uncirculating

Note: V1 and V2 are acoustic demos recorded on February 25, 1993. Although neither are finished this clearly exhibits the makings of a major work. The recorder is stopped and re-started once during the V1 performance. V2 is more fully realized. A recording of the song was filed with the US Copyright Office on April 7, 1995, although the song remains unreleased. A recording of "Blind Spot" can be heard by visitors to the Library of Congress's U.S. Copyright Office in Washington D.C. Backstreets contributor Shawn Poole reported that "Blind Spot" "features a hip-hop-style drum track, synth wash and an electric guitar solo [and] the lyrics focus on the troubling aspects of interpersonal relationships." It is likely that "Blind Spot" was recorded in the spring of 1994 in Los Angeles, along with other tracks like "Missing" and "Between Heaven And Earth" for an album project that was never released (all were copyrighted on the same day).

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