BREAK OUT - V1 2:15 LM-3 / UP
BREAK OUT - V2 uncirculating
BREAK OUT - V3 uncirculating
BREAK OUT - V4 2:22 DDO / DO-1 / AM / UP / LES / DDOC / SYMKB
BREAK OUT - V5 uncirculating

Note: also known as "All Night Long". V1-V3 are early takes from The Record Plant, with Bruce teaching the band his new song, and few lyrics are written. Takes were logged on three consecutive days, September 26, 27 and 28, 1977, but it should be noted minimal time was spent, because this was a very busy week, with several other sessions also held on these days. V4-V5, with nearly finished lyrics, were recorded on November 4 and 7, 1977. After it was completed, the lines, "For the ones who once had a notion, a notion it was good to be alive" and "it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive" were exported to "Badlands" in December. Conversely, phrases attributed to "Frankie" and "Prove It All Night" were borrowed from those previously written songs. Later mixed in November 1997 for the Tracks project, but not used.

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