Brothers Under The Bridge


Note: No direct relation to the 1983 Springsteen song also found on Tracks, except for the similar title. Recorded on May 22, 1995 at Thrill Hill Recording, Beverly Hills, California. Springsteen handles guitar and vocals and his 5-man backing band on this recording is Danny Federici (keyboards), Garry Tallent (bass), Marty Rifkin (pedal steel, dobro), Gary Mallaber (drums) and Soozie Tyrell (violin). A copyright was filed on November 1, 1996, under the title "Brothers under the Bridges" with a creation date of 1995. A second one was filed for Tracks on December 29, 1998 with the title "Brothers Under the Bridge", referencing the prior 1996 filing. It declared the publication date as November 10, 1998, the release date of Tracks. Perhaps the title was amended to not conflict with his earlier song.

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