CINDY - V1a 2:24 LM-5
CINDY - V1b 2:24 LM-5 / ATMF
CINDY - V2 take 3 2:18 TTTBJ / DROC2 / RRR / RIVER: SINGLE / MT2 / LEK
CINDY - V3 uncirculating

Note: Two different performances, both recorded at The Power Station on July 16-17, 1979, both are excellent. Prior to the release of The River: Single Album this was the only unreleased River session composition that circulated among collectors in finished form and in excellent quality. Included on The Ties That Bind and received further attention on April 11-12, 1980 (V3) at The Power Station (it was also included on an album shortlist around this time), but still didn't make The River. V1a features double-track vocals, V1b has the double-track vocals as well as Clarence providing harmonies. Titled "Cindy's Delicate Condition" on a handwritten lyric sheet.

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