Circus Town

CIRCUS TOWN - V1 uncirculating
CIRCUS SONG - V2 uncirculating
WILD BILLY'S CIRCUS STORY - V3 uncirculating

Note: Written in mid-1972 as "Circus Town", and performed live as an acoustic show opener, from late 1972 (by which time it was being called "Circus Song"), up until mid-1974. First studio recordings V2 were made May 14, 1973 at 914 Sound Studios, with 8 takes under the name, "Circus Song"; it is not known if any of these survived. An almost perfect recording of "Circus Song" was recorded live on May 31, 1973 at WGOE Radio Alpha Studios, Richmond, Virginia. It's available on Über Series Vol 22. Bruce had previously written an altered ending, with enhanced negative emotional imagery, and no matter how many takes, it kept coming out bad (perhaps because it was). By the time additional takes were undertaken V3 on June 25, 26 and 28, those lines were gone, as Bruce played the Circus Boss now, leaning over and whispering in some little boy's ear, "Hey son, you wanna join the bigtop? All aboard, Nebraska's our next stop!". V4, the album take, of "Wild Billy's Circus Story", went in the can June 26 or 28.

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