City Of Night

CITY OF NIGHT - V1 3:04 DDO / DO-1 / AM / UP / LES / MT1

Note: V1 recorded October 14, 1977 at The Record Plant under working title "Taxi Driver"; also known as "Taxi Cab" and "City At Night". V2 officially released on The Promise; if it sounds a little shorter, one reason is that the intro is cut in half, with two reps instead of the original four. Organ is added in 3rd verse (don't know if this is modern or a different take or mix from 1977), and sax is turned up in this mix at the fadeout, which is an improvement, and still vintage. However, rating of this track has gone down due to UNANNOUNCED tampering; sounds just fine, but why does somebody have to listen to your track over and over until they can make a competent report to your adoring fans, Bruce? You could have just told us. New box coming out soon, have to act fast.

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