County Fair

COUNTY FAIR - V1 4:58 LM-17
COUNTY FAIR - V2a 5:02 LM-19 / UH

Note: V1 was recorded at Springsteen's home studio on March 24, 1983 by Springsteen alone on all instruments. V2 was recorded two months later on May 23, 1983 at The Hit Factory, and uses Springsteen's original vocal and guitar track over a new band backing. The November 9, 1983 date given in the Lost Masters liner notes appears to be incorrect, and may be a mixing or overdub date, or merely the date that the recording was dubbed to the original tape used for the bootleg. V2 also features Ruth Jackson (wife of Bruce Jackson) on backing vocals - presumably these are the ethereal vocals over the closing coda. This overdub was likely recorded at the same session as "My Hometown", which also features Jackson. V2a and b are very similar, and in fact may be identical, with the only differences in flaws and variations in the bootleg source.

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