Cover Me

COVER ME - V2a 3:36 1984AC / RTT
COVER ME (Undercover Mix) - V2c 6:11 1984 EP
COVER ME (Radio) - V2d 3:46 1984 EP
COVER ME (Dub I) - V2e 4:11 1984 EP
COVER ME (Dub II) - V2f 4:14 1984 EP
COVER ME - V3 uncirculating

Note: V2b (the album mix) was recorded at The Hit Factory on January 25, 1982 and registered at the US Copyright Office on February 8, 1982. The song was considered for Donna Summer at this time but Bruce elected to instead donate "Protection". Interestingly V1 was recorded by Bill Scheniman, who was an engineer working on the U.S. Bonds sessions at the time, so this song may also have been contemplated for Bonds. It's probably more likely that he was the engineer available at the time. V2a is an alternative mix that lacks Springsteen's lead guitar overdubs. V2a is the album mix complete with countin and full ending. V2c thru V2f are dance/disco remixes of V2a that were cut at The Hit Factory in July 1984 by Producer/mixer Arthur Baker. The recording engineer for the remixes was Toby Scott. These remixes were first released in early September 1984. V2a and V2b-e feature background vocals by Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg. Springsteen returned to the song with nine takes on May 12, 1982 at The Power Station (V3), all of which remain in the vaults.

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