Darlington County

DARLINGTON COUNTY - V1 uncirculating
DARLINGTON COUNTY - V2 5:04 private

Note: The title "Darlington County" is first known from the early days of the Darkness On The Edge Of Town sessions, where it can be found on a worksheet that is believed to date from late June 1977. The worksheet is reproduced in the facsimile book included in the Darkness box set, and "Darlington County" is the first item on the list, with the note "notice structure of tape." That suggests "Darlington County" was worked on during the sessions, but it does not appear in any session logs, and aside from the title it is unknown how it relates to the Born In The U.S.A. cut. Also found in the book is the familiar couplet "My eyes have seen the glory of the comin' of the Lord / He was peelin' down the alley in a black and yellow Ford," not too dissimilar than what could be found in the version that was recorded some five years later during the Born In The U.S.A. sessions.

At some point, it was set aside and not picked up again until 1981. V2 is a band rehearsal from Colts Neck, New Jersey, probably recorded some time in late 1981; a rather pedestrian take, as noted by both Max and Bruce at the conclusion of the song. V3 was recorded in a single take at Power Station, New York on May 13, 1982. V3a, which appears to be a slightly longer, slower take on 'Lost Masters XIX' is actually the released version V4b, before vocal overdubs, fixed-up intro, and the use of varispeed to speed the track up. Track 8 on 'Lost Masters Volume 7', titled "Untitled Harmonies #1", is a short clip from January 1980 of Springsteen singing a tune that bears some resemblance to "Darlington County".

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