Don't Back Down

DON'T BACK DOWN - V2 3:03 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V3 3:01 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V4 3:02 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V5 2:29 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V6 0.43 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V7 2:23 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V8 2:28 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V9 2:52 LM-18
DON'T BACK DOWN - V10 2:52 LM-16
DON'T BACK DOWN - V11 3:12 LM-16
DON'T BACK DOWN - V12 3:34 LM-16 / UH
DON'T BACK DOWN - V13 uncirculating

Note: V1 recorded at Springsteen's home in Colts Neck, NJ from mid-September 1981 thru May 1982, a brief demo of V11 of "Don't Back Down", track four of 'The Lost Masters XVI'. Other known recordings on January 4, 18 and 20, February 8-10 and 14-15, and March 10 and 12, 1983. All circulating recordings are complete takes, except for V6, which is abandoned. V2 thru V4 and V10 are rock-flavored and appear to share the same vocal-take. Indeed, the differences between the takes are slight, and may only be found in the backing music or the mix. V5 thru V9 are acoustic-flavored, and once again seem to share the same vocal-take. V11 utilizes double tracked vocal, a different melody and lyrics and is excellent. It could perhaps be considered a completely different song that only shares a title with the other versions listed here. It may well be this song (V11) that was considered for use as a b-side. V12 is the slowest and arguably the definitive version, using the same backing music as "The Klansman". V13 recorded June 15, 1983 at The Hit Factory, New York. The arrangement chosen for this studio recording is unknown.

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