Fade Away

FADE AWAY - V2a 1:01 private cdr
FADE AWAY - V2b - take 29 1:37 private cdr
FADE AWAY - V2c - take 26 4:40 private cdr
FADE AWAY - V2d - take 27 4:46 private cdr
FADE AWAY - V2e 4:46 DROC2 / RO / RRR / ATMF
FADE AWAY - V2f 4:36 RIVER / 1981 single

Note: "Fade Away" V1 is a work-in-progress version from late 1979, recorded at Telegraph Hill, listed as "Slow Fade" in the Lost Masters liner notes, but it bears no resemblance to that song, which is known from February 1980 Telegraph Hill rehearsals. Takes were recorded at Power Station on March 9 and 15–17, 1980 and V2 is likely to emanate from one of those sessions. Work on April 9 and 29 is also logged - these are likely to be related to mixing at Clover Studios in Los Angeles. All circulating versions of V2 appear to be different mix permutations of the same basic recording. V2a is described as "end tag intercut number two, dry voice fade, loud last line" by the engineer. V2b appears to be an aborted mix, "the take after the last one, 28." V2c is take #26, V2d is take #27 with less piano. Released as a single in 1981 with "Be True" as the B-side.

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