Faster And Louder


On the heels of completing "Don't Look Back", "Candy's Room", "Darkness On the Edge of Town", and "The Factory Song" in the first half of March 1978, Springsteen could finally take a breather. In adjoining studio A at the Record Plant, New York proto-punk band The Dictators were working on their third album, Bloodbrothers. So when Bruce stopped by for a visit, one thing led to another, and he made another undocumented recording appearance, on the opening track, "Faster And Louder". Listen at the 2:10 mark, when Bruce counts the band back in preceding the final verse, "One! Two! One, two, three, four!" Dictators: "I can scream, faster and louder, I can jive faster and louder…Hot Pants! faster and louder." The "reigning king of street rock" and the "Bronx Bombers" (monickers assigned by rock critics of the day) seemed to feed off each other; for more details on Bruce and the Dictators, see the recording session listing.

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