FIRE - V1 5:14 LM-2 / DDO / DO-2 / MT1 / AM

Note: Written in May 1977, a few days after Bruce and Steve attended an Elvis Presley concert in Philadelphia. V1 (which is not a final take) comes from June 17, 1977 at Atlantic Studios. Introducing the song on November 20, 1978 in Champaign, IL, Bruce said "this is a song I wrote, oh, we jammed it up in the studio one night in twenty minutes". Allegedly (and this may be myth) a finished demo take was sent to Elvis Presley in July or August 1977, shortly before his death, with the hope that Elvis might cover it. Bruce ended up donating the song to Robert Gordon, who recorded his cover (with Bruce on piano) in early December 1977 (released April 1978). The Pointer Sisters then quickly covered Gordon’s released version and had the major international smash hit in early 1979. Springsteen's girlfriend at the time, Lynn Goldsmith (the photographer who later got the boot at one of his shows), wrote in her book that he was upset about their success; a better word would be jealous. After he had seven top ten singles from Born In the USA, she did not call a press conference to announce he felt better. The officially released V2 was partly recorded in 1977, and partly recorded in 2010.

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