FRANKIE - V1 uncirculating
FRANKIE - V2 4:46 LM-3 / DDO / DO-2 / AM / UP / LES / GT / DDOC
FRANKIE - V4a take 10 7:23 private cdr
FRANKIE - V4c 7:39 LM-19

Note: "Frankie" was composed by Bruce Springsteen in early 1976, just after the Born To Run Tour. Demos were also recorded at this time of Drifter's Barrio, Dawn Patrol, and several other titles. One report (Christopher Sandford in his book, Point Blank) indicates a demo of "Frankie" was recorded in January 1976, along with a completed recording of Darkness On The Edge Of Town. However the accuracy of this information is unclear, as early Darkness recordings from June 1977 indicate most of the words to that song were still unwritten. "Frankie" was near completion when it was debuted live on the Chicken Scratch Tour. The performance on April 4, 1976 in East Lansing, MI notably included the lines "In the darkness there'll be hidden worlds that shine." When Springsteen returned to the studio after the litigation with Mike Appel was resolved, V2 was recorded at Atlantic Studios on June 3, 1977. V3 is a take from the next session on July 12, 1977, also at Atlantic Studios. Apparently, "Frankie" did not fit Bruce's concept for the album, and it was set aside, not to be recorded again during the Darkness sessions. When writing "Candy's Room" a few months later, Bruce lifted some lyrics from "Frankie", specifically, the "In the darkness, there'll be hidden words that shine" line. Five years later, 'Frankie' was recorded on May 14, 1982, at The Power Station, New York, on the last day of three weeks of sessions. Take 10 was chosen, and completed with several overdubs. Though it was not included on Born In The U.S.A., V4d was considered for Greatest Hits (again missing the cut) before being selected for the Tracks-compilation in 1998. One other mix, V4a, has the same saxophone overdub during the instrumental outro as V4d. V4b and V4c were alternative mixes without sax. It is not known if the Darkness-versions were considered for Tracks.

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