Gone Gone Gone

GONE, GONE, GONE uncirculating

Note: According to studio documentation, "Gone, Gone, Gone" was recorded at The Hit Factory on May 25, 27, and 31, 1983. One take was recorded on the 25th, and three takes on both May 27 and 31. A rough mix was created on the final day, but there is no information beyond that and the song remains in the vault, and was never bootlegged. The phrase "gone, gone, gone" can also be found in "Seeds", but there is no relation to that song. Springsteen will often re-use lyrics, and indeed "gone, gone, gone" is used in at least four other Born In The U.S.A. session outtakes: "Fugitive's Dream", "Don't Back Down", "Sugarland", and "Seven Tears".

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