Heaven's Wall


Note: With Tom Morello. Produced by Springsteen, Aniello and O'Brien, suggesting this recording (at least in part) dates from 2004-2008, perhaps most likely 2007 during the recording sessions for Magic. Aniello has stated that the original basic track (vocals, drum and bass) was used, and 2013 overdubs completed the song. Musician credits are Springsteen (vocals, guitar, additional bass, percussion loop, organ, synth), Patti Scialfa (backing vocals), Garry Tallent (bass), Max Weinberg (drums), Tom Morello (lead guitar), Soozie Tyrell (backing vocals), Ron Aniello (percussion loop), synth, farfisa organ), Sessions Band violinist Sam Bardfeld, Everett Bradley (percussion). Backing vocals by Tawatha Agee, Keith Fluitt, Curtis King, John James, Cindy Mizelle, Al Thornton and Brenda White. Strings are provided by the New York Chamber Consort and arranged and conducted by Rob Mathes. Lisa Kim is the choirmaster. Violins by Quan Ge, Hyunju Lee, Jessica Lee, Ann Lehman, Joanna Maurer, Suzanne Ornstein, Annaliesa Place, David Southorn, Jeanine Wynton and Sharon Yamada. Violas: Maurycy Banaszek, Désirée Elsevier, Shmuel Katz and Robert Rinehart. Celli: Maria Kitsopoulos, Alan Stepansky and Ru Pei Yeh.

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