Hitch Hikin'


Note: "Hitch Hikin’" features Springsteen on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Glockenspiel, Synth, Banjo, Percussion, Orchestral Sampler, Celesta, and Mellotron. Ron Aniello on Electric Upright Bass, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Vibraphone, Bass, Synth [Synth Strings], Sampler [Orchestral Samples], Acoustic Guitar, Celesta, and Loops. Strings are provided by Avatar Strings and conducted and arranged by Rob Mathes. Cellos provided by Alan Stepansky and Nathan Vickery. Violas provided by Desiree Elsevier, Robert Reinhart, and Vivek Kamath. Violins provided by Annaliesa Place, Liz Lim, Emily Popham, Hyunju Lee, Joanna Maurer, Jung Sun Yoo, Lisa Kim, Sharon Yamada, and Suzanne Ornstein.

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