I Got My Eye On You

I GOT MY EYE ON YOU - V1 - take 14 uncirculating
I GOT MY EYE ON YOU - V2 3:45 uncirculating

Note: V1 was recorded on August 15, 1977, and included on Side 2 of a cassette tape prepared for Bruce called "THE BOSS". The first side had takes of songs being worked August 9-10, 1977, and the cuts on Side 2 were from all from August 15's days work. "I Got My Eye On You" take 14 was written on the jacket (reproduced in The Promise book). Another session on September 14, 1977, resulted in a completed version, "I Got My Eye On You" was considered good enough to be placed on a compilation reel alongside finished takes of "The Way" and "Prove It All Night" (where it clocks in at 3:45). -Song by Song by Clinton Heylin. Not sure about all the other takes, but two are sufficiently identified.

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