I've Got To Have You Baby

I'VE GOT TO HAVE YOU BABY - V1 uncirculating

Note: "I've Got To Have You Baby" was recorded by a group fronted by the same Jimmy Jones who had the hit, "Handy Man" in 1960, which was later covered successfully by James Taylor. Back in 1956, the "Savoys" were signed to a contract by George Goldner, owner of Rama records. However, their former manager refused to release their band name, so they took the name "the Pretenders", from the Platters' "The Great Pretender", one of the biggest hits of that year. On May 2, 1956, they recorded "I've Got To Have You Baby", in an all night session. It was released on RAMA 198 before the end of May, but went nowhere on the Billboard Pop and R & B charts. In late 1957, Jones, who wrote most of the Pretenders' material, teamed up with with veteran songwriter/producer Otis Blackwell, who was also a talented whistler, to record "The Whistlin' Man", with the Pretenders' backing track, that would be heard again in June 1959, when Jones cut a demo of "Handy Man". He was joined by his partner Blackwell's whistling, Charles Merenstein with new lyrics, and Moe Gale, who's Shalimar Music sold the demo to M-G-M Records, which released it on it's Cub subsidiary in September. It catapulted to #2 on The Billboard charts and had a run of eighteen weeks, finishing as the 25th highest ranked record of 1960. His follow-up on Cub was "Good Timin'," backed with "My Precious Angel" (two more masters purchased from Shalimar Music) which did almost as well (#3 and fifteen weeks on the charts), the no. 30 record of 1960. V2 is from the second reel of the rehearsal sessions, recorded on March 14, 1972 at Challenger Eastern Surfboards, Highlands, NJ. Thank the Almighty Lord for using his powers to protect this wonderful sound for a half-century, so us humble humans can still enjoy it. This song is a rarity, but Bruce got his hands on a vinyl cutout with the RAMA label's masters on it, that goes in and out of circulation. If Jimmy Jones heard this cover of his song before he passed away in 2012, he would have been happy.

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