I Want To Be Wild

DON'T SAY NO - V1 3:48 DDO / DO-2 / UP / LES / DDOC / EC

Note: For several years, V1 circulated on bootlegs as "Don't Say No", but then a nearly identical track V2 was released in the 1990s on Deep Down In the Vaults called "I Want To Be Wild". Both share the same musical backing, and are characterized by Bruce's vocals buried deep in the mix, as if Springsteen purposely wanted the music to dominate, because the lyrics were barely developed. There is one entry, under the name, "I Want To Be Wild", on the log of the Record Plant, dated November 11, 1977. It is possible both of these versions were recorded that day, though we lack the information to be sure of this. Author Clinton Heylin was sure the latter version was also called "New Fast Rocker". The official name of this tune is "Don't Say No", and it was registered with the US Copyright Office in November 2010, but not included in The Promise.

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