I Will Be The One

SLOW FADE - V1 18:57 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V2 2:52 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V3 3:12 LM-15 / LMEC2
SLOW FADE - V4 3:24 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V5 2:49 LM-15
SLOW FADE - V6 3:04 LM-15 / OSOR
I WILL BE THE ONE - V7 uncirculating
I WILL BE THE ONE - V8 uncirculating

Note: V1 thru V6 are rehearsal workouts at Telegraph Hill on February 5, 1980 of 'Slow Fade'. Unfortunately, this song did not show up in studio logs anywhere, and the lyrics were buried in the mix, so it was a long-time mystery what the eventual name of the song was. The title 'Slow Fade' was written on the February 5 tape-card. V7 is 'I Will Be The One', recorded just eleven days after the rehearsals as at Power Station on February 16, 1980, and again V8 on February 26. This was the studio workout of 'Slow Fade'. 'I Will Be The One' was included in Included in an archival concept list put together by a Sony engineer in 1993, but it never made the final listings for the 1998 Tracks collection. By the way, a mis-titled solo demo called 'Slow Fade', recorded in late 1979 and found on The Lost Masters Essential Collection Vol. 1, is not related to this song, it is an early version of the song, 'Fade Away'.

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