ICEMAN - V1a 3:20 DDO / DO-1 / LES / AM / SYMKB

Note: "Iceman", also known as "New Ballad", was recorded at Record Plant on October 27, 1977. It was soon forgotten in the mass of songs created during the Darkness sessions, though it became popular bootleg cut. In a 1998 interview, Bruce recalled, "it was just something that I didn't get at the time that I did it." The second line of "Iceman", "I wanna go out tonight, I wanna find out what I got," was transplanted to verse 2 of "Badlands" in December. V1b is almost identical to V1a, with the exception of a drop-out at 0:56, studio noises and the count-in, which are not present on the official 1998 release on Tracks.

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