Idiot's Delight

IDIOT'S DELIGHT - V1 3:58 uncirculating
IDIOT'S DELIGHT - V2 3:22 circulating

Note: Co-written by Springsteen and Joe Grushecky in July 1995 and first released by Grushecky on the album Coming Home on February 10, 1998 without Springsteen's participation. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's recording (V2) was first broadcast during episode five of 'From His Home To Yours' on E Street Radio on June 3, 2020. It is currently unknown when and where this recording was made but when "Idiot's Delight" was premiered live with the E Street Band and Grushecky in April 2000 the arrangement was almost identical to V2, suggesting it was recorded around the same time, perhaps 1997, 1998 or 2001.

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