Incident On 57th Street

INCIDENT ON THE W SIDE - V1 uncirculating

Note: Nobody bought WIESS until after "Born To Run" came out, but forty years later, it is not uncommon to read a review describing side two as one of the greatest in rock and roll history, an operetta, a masterpiece. It starts with "Incident on 57th Street" (Incident), then a piano seguay into "Rosalita", and finally "New York City Serenade". "Incident" was composed in 1973, with an early title, "Incident On the W. Side" V1. It was the last song recorded, on September 23, 1973, Springsteen's 24th birthday. In fact, all takes and dubs for Incident and Rosalita were completed on that date, according to Sony logs (Serenade was completed on August 7). While the latter two songs had been written and worked on for over six months, Incident was apparently written and brought to the studio quickly. It was not attempted on August 9, the second-to-last studio session, but it was ready to go on September 23 V2.

With historical perspective, perhaps this is Jungleland Jr., a warm up to his BTR masterpiece, which will take him nineteen months to finish!

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