Janey, Don't You Lose Heart

JANEY, DON'T YOU LOSE HEART - V1 uncirculating
JANEY, DON'T YOU LOSE HEART - V2a 4:31 UH / GS / MI / 1984AC
JANEY, DON'T YOU LOSE HEART - V2b 3:24 TRACKS / 1985 single / BACK
JANEY, DON'T YOU LOSE HEART - V3 uncirculating

Note: "Janey, Don't You Lose Heart" V1 and V2a were both recorded on June 16, 1983 at The Hit Factory, New York. V2b was released September 7, 1985, as the b-side of "I'm Goin' Down". V2a had a much longer fade out and features Steve Van Zandt on background vocals and guitar. V2b is the same recording, except Nils Lofgren's new vocal and guitar parts, recorded on July 14, 1985, are overdubbed, replacing the tracks by Van Zandt. On the twelve year anniversary of the 1983 recording date, V3 was recorded at Thrill Hill Recording, Beverly Hills, CA, with a lineup of Bruce, Gary Mallaber (drums), Garry Tallent, Marty Rifkin, and Chuck Plotkin (keyboards).

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