Jole Blon

JOLE BLON - V1 4:44 LM-13
JOLE BLON - V2 1:29 LM-13
JOLE BLON - V3 3:44 LM-13
JOLE BLON - V4 uncirculating

Note: Based on a traditional Cajun waltz and adapted by Springsteen from Roy Acuff and his Smoky Mountain Boys' 1947 recording. The song was a big hit for the first time in 1947 for Harry Choates (recorded in 1946), and also for Red Foley & the Cumberland Valley Boys, who had a no. 1 Folk hit (formerly referred to as Hillbilly and by 1958 Country & Western charts) in January 1947 with New Jole Blon, and again a year later for Moon Mullican. "Jole Blon" ("Pretty Blonde") was considered for the album once it became a two-LP set. V1-V3 are from Telegraph Hill rehearsals on January 11, 1980. V4 was recorded at Power Station studios on January 14, 1980, and the backing track may have been used by Gary U.S. Bonds on his 1981 album, "Dedication". Premiered live June 5, 1981 at Wembley Arena in London, and played fairly regularly during the latter stages of the River Tour.

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