Little Girl of Mine

LITTLE GIRL OF MINE - V1 uncirculating
LITTLE GIRL SO FINE - V2 uncirculating

Note: V1 by Bruce Springsteen 1976. V2 co-written by Springsteen and Jukes producer "Sugar" Miami Steve Van Zandt in December 1976 during sessions for Southside Johnny's second album (released April 2, 1977). Not in the studio logs for Darkness On The Edge Of Town, which started after This Time It's For Real was released. Early title was "Little Girl Of Mine", which can be heard in a rehearsal take by Van Zandt recorded in late 1976, and released on his 2019 album, The Early Work. Though the track is now named "Little Girl So Fine", the final hook, title and lyric had yet to be composed, as evidenced by the refrain with the early title. Springsteen included "Little Girl Of Mine" V1 on an early 1976 list for Album IV; it could be this song, or another composition with the same title. Copyright filed February 25, 1977 by Blue Midnight Music (Van Zandt) and Bruce Springsteen Music, under the name Nightshift Music, filing no. ED759979.

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