Loose Ends

LOOSE ENDS - V1 take 1 mix#1 4:15 DROC1 / DBTR / RRR
LOOSE ENDS - V2a take 2 4:11 DROC1 / ATMF / PYP / TTTBJ / LEK
LOOSE END - V2b take 2 3:59 RIVER: SINGLE

Note: Recorded at The Power Station on July 18, 1979. V1 is the first take, described as "mix #1, original vocal and original sax" by the engineer, with full count in. This is a rougher vocal with some slight differences in the phrasing and very minor changes to the lyrics. This take has no overdubs, such as the double-track vocals found in V2, and 6 "Looooose Ends" refrains, double the amount on V2. There are three different mixes of V2, all are the same basic recording. V2a and 2b is take 2, found the on The Ties That Bind bootlegs and The River: Single Album (2b), the latter which omits the countin, and typos "Loose End". There are only 3 "Loooose Ends", but the guitars do the fourth, and there is an instrumental fade. The guitars are higher in Bob Clearmountain's 1979 (V2a) mix in comparison to the 1980 mix found on Tracks v2c,which is more keyboard focused. It also has 5 "Loooose Ends", and drum rolls after 3,4 and 5. v2d is only 3:45, starts out just like v2a, but features an awesome tape dropout right after Clarence's solo, after which a tambourine comes in just after the recovery. Lyrics from "Loose Ends" can also be found in "Little White Lies", and "Baby I'm So Cold", an outtake from Born In The USA.

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