Losin' Kind (Patrolman)

LOSIN' KIND - V3 take 1 uncirculating
LOSIN' KIND (Patrolman) - V4 take 2 4:47 LM-1 / HNWB / MTQ / MT2
LOSIN' KIND - V5 take 3 uncirculating
LOSIN' KIND - V6 uncirculating

Note: V1 & V2 are portions of two takes that are far from rough demos. Bruce wrote an extensive poem about a troubled young man who had two visions of events, what he perceived in the present, and a spiritual self that could see Frank was headed for disaster. Bruce refers to this as "kind of like a James M. Cain story", and it also could have been a 1940s hard luck Jimmy Cagney movie. Both versions were recorded at Springsteen's home in Colts Neck, NJ between December 20, 1981 and January 3, 1982, and are combined a single file.

V4 is an acoustic take on January 3, 1982, one of the fifteen demos that Springsteen put on a tape. This is the definitive circulating take, but was not chosen for Nebraska. Springsteen wrote to Landau, "Searched and searched for a better title, spent many hours on this task but no good. I like the verses but I can't seem to find a better punch line. Kind of like a James M. Cain story. Could be done with more of a band arrangement." V5 was recorded at Power Station on April 30, 1982. At that time Springsteen was attempting to re-create that demo tape magic in a more professional environment - this take could be solo or with the band. A year later Bruce would make one more attempt to record "Losin' Kind", this time at Thrill Hill West, his Hollywood Hills studio, on March 12, 1983 (V6). Without bootlegs, we would never know that "Losin' Kind" exists; officially, it has never been released.

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