Mary Lou

MARY LOU - V1 0:42 LM-8
MARY LOU - V2 1:18 LM-8
MARY LOU - V3 2:13 LM-8
MARY LOU - V4 2:45 LM-8
MARY LOU - V5 2:00 LM-11
MARY LOU - V6 0:34 LM-11
MARY LOU - V7 2:13 LM-11
MARY LOU - V8 3:14 LM-11
MARY LOU - V9 3:13 LM-11
MARY LOU - V10 3:10 LM-11
MARY LOU - V11 3:04 LM-4 / DROC2
MARY LOU - V12 3:10 DROC1 / ATMF / DBTR / SC

Note: "Mary Lou" didn't make the cut for the double River album, but it played an important role in the development of several songs, and was eventually released on two official collections. V1–V4 are rehearsal takes, recorded in Spring 1979 at Telegraph Hill, working on music and lyrics. V5–V11 are full band rehearsals recorded at Telegraph Hill on May 14 and 16, 1979 (note: the September 16, 1979 date in the 'Lost Masters IV' liner notes is incorrect). Work resumed at Power Station studios for three days starting with May 30, 1979, resulting in V12, with takes also recorded on May 31 and June 1. Studio logs show final takes, dubs or mixing on July 13, 1979, and V13 is the completed track released on Tracks and The Ties That Bind: The River Collection. On June 1, 1979, "Little White Lies" V2 was cut using the lyrics of "Mary Lou", which was only a temporary "loan," with V3 recorded on June 13, with its own lyrics. However, on July 18, Springsteen cut "To Be True", again borrowing "Mary Lou's" lyrics, this time permanently.

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