MISSING - V1a 5:06 1995 single / 1999 b-side

Note: Recorded in April 1994 at a rented house in Los Angeles after Springsteen was forced to relocate his home studio following the January 1994 Northridge earthquake. Produced by Springsteen (no co-producer) and recorded by Toby Scott; Bruce handles all vocals and instruments. Springsteen didn't write "Missing" with a film in mind – he played the recording for actor/director Sean Penn in late 1994 and Penn asked if he could use it in a film he was directing, which turned out to be the November 1995 movie The Crossing Guard. First issued on the movie soundtrack in November 1995 and then as a Springsteen single in some countries in early 1996. V1a and V1b are slightly different mixes of the same recording. The versions circulated on bootlegs have about a minute total cut at the beginning and end of the track but are from an identical recording and mix to the official release.

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