My Hometown

YOUR HOMETOWN - V1 3:30 LM-17 / MT1
YOUR HOMETOWN - V3 3:23 LM-17 / GS#1
YOUR HOMETOWN - V4 3:16 LM-17 / GS#2
MY HOMETOWN - V5 take 1 6:47 uncirculating
MY HOMETOWN - V6 take 2 6:22 uncirculating
MY HOMETOWN - V8 take 4 4:54 LM-19

Note: Written in late 1982 as a rockabilly song called "Your Hometown", with many of the album version lyrics finished by late January 1983. The second verse tells the real-life story of events in Springsteen's hometown of Freehold in May 1969, when a shoot-out between cars of white and black kids turned almost fatal, and the racial tensions and violence in the aftermath. V1–V4 were early takes recorded by Bruce and Toby Scott at his new home, at 7965 Fareholm Drive, Los Angeles, California 90046, on January 29 and 30, and February 9 and 17, 1983. The demos are of good quality, probably prepared to aid in teaching the song to the band. Instead, Bruce set it aside for a few months, and came back with a new title, "My Hometown", and an arrangement for the band. On June 29, 1983 at The Hit Factory, four complete takes were recorded, but the first two were discarded because they both exceeded six minutes. Takes 3 and 4, which both featuring Ruth Jackson (wife of sound engineer Bruce Jackson) on background vocals, were the final result, with take 3 (V7) chosen for Born In The U.S.A..

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