New Old Song

NEW OLD SONG uncirculating

Note: According to studio documentation, a song titled "New Old Song" was recorded at the Record Plant on September 27, 1977. It's likely this is a working title for another song, either known or unknown. It is possible "New Old Song" is related to "Old Song", another title found in studio logs. During studio sessions, engineers would often write song titles on tape inlays, perhaps for Bruce to take home and listen to later. Unaware of Springsteen's actual title, it appears that they would guess a title instead, usually based on the arrangement rather than lyrics - reproductions of these labels can be found in the facsimile book included with The Promise boxset. Examples of these titles include "The Fast Song", "English Song", "Sax Song", "The Ballad", "New Rocker", "Crazy Rocker" and many others.

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