Open All Night

WANDA - V2 take 1 uncirculating
WANDA (OPEN ALL NIGHT) - V3a take 2 mix 1 2:50 LM-1
OPEN ALL NIGHT - V3b take 2 mix 2 2:51 NEBRASKA
OPEN ALL NIGHT - V3c take 2 mix 3 stereo mix 2:48 NEBRASKA
OPEN ALL NIGHT - V4 uncirculating

Note: "Wanda" V1 is a curious demo, the first two verses from "Living On The Edge Of The World", the third from "This Hard Land". Recorded at Springsteen's home in Colts Neck, NJ from late March to early April, 1981. V2 and V3 were recorded January 3, 1982, also at Colts Neck; only V3 has surfaced in three mixes. Listed as "Wanda (Open All Night)" in an early song lineup. V4 was recorded by Springsteen at Power Station on April 27, 1982, either solo or with the band.

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