Our Love Will Last Forever


Note: Just the one appearance of this title in studio documentation: June 1, 1977 at Atlantic Studios, known from a tape inlay image in the The Promise - The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story box set book. Possibly an early version of the Record Plant Darkness outtake "Someday (We'll Be Together)", because of a single line, "This love will last forever." It could also be a otherwise undocumented song. The third, and perhaps most plausible option is "Rendezvous", incorrectly logged by an engineer, but otherwise known to have been recorded on June 1, the opening night of the sessions. The first line of "Rendezvous" is: "I had a dream our love would last forever." We could be almost certain about this if the flip side of the cassette didn't include a correctly titled "Rendezvous".

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