Paradise By The "C"


Note: This instrumental made its live debut at the start of the Darkness tour in May 1978 and was officially released on Ties That Bind, The River: Outtakes, but there is no sign of "Paradise By The "C"" on the 1977-81 studio logs. The lack of recording information in the box leads one to conclude there is none. There is no doubt that Clarence and Danny are in the mix which means it's not a 2015 recording; more than likely it was recorded live during 1978, when it was played over 50 times on the Darkness tour, and only included on TTTB because Clarence recently passed away RIP. "Pardise By the C" is the direct descendent of Action In the Streets 1977, A Love So Fine 1975, and So Young and In Love 1974.

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